Where to Get Life Coach Training

Sometimes, tragic events in a person’s life shape them into the person they become. It takes a strong character to look for a positive spin on life. In the face of adversity, many folks renew their vitality and produce a vigor that makes them want to give back to others. It makes them want to show others that change is possible and that others can live through traumatic experiences too and develop the courage to take positive steps in their lives. If this is you, then you are probably wondering what type of life coach training or mentoring classes you can take to begin coaching folks through their negative, life transitions.

Life Coach Training Courses

Life Coach Training can be done Online or in a ClassroomAlthough there are various schools and organizations that can assist you with your life coach training, there is not an officially recognized institute. Some organizations only recognize certain certificates, whereas others only accept folks who have had a combination of college classroom work and have developed their own personal course. Whatever you elect to do is up to you. There are ample resources on the Internet to help you find the program that is just right for your needs and your leadership mentoring skills.

If you want to become a member, you can join some organizations. There are also classes in psychology, sociology and therapy that can help you gain the necessary skills that you will need to help motivate other folks. Some of these organizations are:

  • The International Coaching Council
  • The International Association of Coaching
  • The European Coaching Institute.

Online Life Coach Training

You can also take courses online that may be able to help you with your training.

Anybody can become a mentor, a coach for life or a motivational speaker. If that is your goal, then to be successful at providing effective coaching, you must have some sort of positive effect on other folks. You would not want to stand in front of a crowd, become flustered and unable to continue. Even worse is not having a positive message to influence others. You should be able to address a crowd successfully and know how to speak in public. Those are two valuable tools that a motivational speaker must have.

The trouble with leadership mentoring or being a life coach is the lack of accredited programs that are officially recognized. You can take classes that will help you but the coach training course may have to occur over the internet. If you are not comfortable with the standard seminar classes found online, then you may want to consider taking life coach training college classes that can prepare you to help other folks through motivation and example.