Life Coaching and Goal Setting Techniques

Personal goals should always be set. It may be a ten-pound weight loss before swimsuit season or it may be finally going back to college to get a degree. No matter what your personal development and work goals are, you should always have something towards which you are striving. However, many folks have problems setting goals and then sticking with them. It may be a lack of discipline or a lack of focus. Whatever the reason, personal goals are not being met and it can mean a downturn in the quality of life for that individual. If you are one of these folks that seem to be spinning your wheels when it comes to personal goal setting, then you may need to look at life coaching.

Life Coaching Helps Achieve Goals

The goal of life coaching is to help people achieve their goals and aspirations. It is that simple. Life coaches achieve this through offering life tips and practicing effective coaching techniques from a variety of disciplines. These disciplines may be leadership mentoring, psychology, sociology or even motivational speaking. The goal of the life coach is to help their client set reasonable goals and then give them the tips and guidance needed to help the client reach those goals.

A life coach is not a fix all and he or she cannot solve the client’s problems for them. If drugs, alcohol, abuse or psychological issues are present, then the mentor is not qualified to help with those types of problems. They can provide a good example and help the client seek out professional help but the mentor is not qualified to undertake such a task. One good thing to remember is that there is no professional licensing for leadership mentoring or being a life coach. There are organizations that do offer membership but there is no schooling needed in order to be a mentor.

Hiring a Life Coaching Mentor

If you are looking to hire a mentor to help you set goals, then you should be wary of any individual claiming to be able to change your life or help you obtain an unreasonable objective. The mentor is not and should not be there to show you the way and push you towards something for which you are not ready. They merely provide the shoulder should you need their help in dealing with specific life transitions.

With the proper training, you could be a life coach to someone else if that is a career path that you would like to pursue. You will not be able to get a universally recognized degree from the program but you will be able to get the knowledge and training you need to have effective life coaching skills at your disposal. You will be able to help other folks reach their goals using a success principle that you have applied to your own life.