How to Use Goal Setting Worksheets

Folks are often confused when it comes to goal setting. Some think that simply thinking up a goal is enough. However, an unwritten goal is nothing more than a wish and wishes rarely come true. Attempting to achieve a wish is unreliable at best and devastating at worst. Other folks think that writing down a goal is sufficient. While writing goals down is certainly a big step in the right direction, an even easier way to keep your goals organized is to use goal setting worksheets.

Using Goal Setting Worksheets for Future SuccessGoal setting worksheets allow you to easily reference your goals by whatever organization system you choose. For instance, you can have separate goal setting worksheets for career goals, personal goals, financial goals, and educational goals. You can also organize your goal setting worksheets by period, such as one-year goals, five-year goals, and long-term goals.

Be Specific when Writing your Goal Setting Worksheets

Start with writing a success creed, which is a list of the beliefs, values, and principles that you hold most dear. It is the driving force of all your positive actions in your life. Verbalizing your success creed crystallizes your beliefs and serves as a guide when you are faced with tough decisions. If you are unsure of which path to take, refer to your success creed to remind you of what is important to you. For instance, if you came upon a very large sum of money that did not belong to you, what determines whether you keep it or not?

Somewhere on your worksheets should be success questions which help to focus your thoughts and directs your actions towards achieving the goals you set. You can ask yourself things such as –

  • What is the most valuable use of my time right now?
  • What can I do to make a sale on my next call?
  • What do I need to learn in order to get a promotion?
  • What steps can I take to reach $1 million in income by the time I am fifty?
  • What can I do to lose weight and have fun doing it?

All are geared towards positive responses. Refer to these questions on a regular basis, and, most importantly, answer them.

Review your Goal Setting Worksheets Regularly

If you are serious about your goals, you will want to review them multiple times every day.

In reviewing your goal setting worksheets regularly, you ingrain your goals and maintain focus throughout your daily life and before you know it, you will find yourself to be successful beyond your wildest dreams.