Benefits of Business Mentoring Research

If you are responsible for leading or instructing employees in a particular department for your company, or if you are CEO of your own company, you will need to know more about business mentoring research so that you can come up with effective leadership tactics, as well as keep yourself organized. Here are some of the key points you may want to bring up during seminars, as well as some suggestions that will make you a better overall leader.

Mentoring Research Best Practices

Business Mentoring Research Makes for a Better LeaderOne of the biggest challenges group leaders and manager’s face is getting employees or those being mentored to meet the desired goals within the period they are assigned. Mentoring research suggests that some workers avoid the goals that are set before them for a number of reasons. They may not feel motivated to accomplish the goals because they feel as though doing so will only benefit you as the leader. This is why you have to present company projects and ventures in a way that proves that everyone’s contributions are important.

Employees may also feel as though you are ignoring the needs that they have in their personal lives. As a boss, it is important to be understanding of the fact that employees have lives outside of work, and may need time off every once in a while to attend a basketball game for a child or a company dinner with a spouse. According to mentoring research and analysis, a manager that knows how to be considerate of their staff’s time and value is sure to experience more professional success.

Setting goals that may be too ambitious or overwhelming is another reason why you will need mentoring research to help solve company problems. While you do not want to discourage your employees from thinking big or setting challenging goals for themselves, when it comes to completing large company projects or meeting deadlines, you also do not want to discourage your workers by giving them tasks that may be too big to handle at one time.

For instance, if you are running a magazine or publishing company, asking your editorial staff to change the entire look and content of the magazine in a week for marketing purposes may be too challenging. Instead, if you know that you are looking to try something new with the publication, inform the editorial staff about changes you would like them to make each week until the job is complete.

Coaching and Mentoring Research

You may also want to hire a life coach for you and your business to teach you how to meet with your employees. As the leader, you should set the tone of the comfort level of the work environment, and should be respected for your position, but you should make sure that you are making time in your meetings to get honest feedback from your team. Check in with your employees to find out the real progress of company projects, and listen to their needs or concerns when it comes to completing the task. You will be amazed at how much smoother the office will run.

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