The Value of Life Mentoring

If you have never heard of a life mentoring then you are not alone since it is not something that the ordinary person runs across in a day. Most people have never had the need of a lifestyle coach, let alone understand the services that he or she offers.

It takes a special type of person to be able to motivate others into achieving their goals. However, being a mentor is not something new. Many businesses use leadership mentoring to help the newly hired to learn the valuable skills they will need in order to achieve a level of success in the business field.

What is Life Mentoring

One on One Life MentoringThe secret to life mentoring is that the mentor is someone with more experience than the client whom they are helping. It does not have to be strictly about business skills, such as instructing somebody who is not knowledgeable in a specific area of the business. No, it is also about giving out practical advice and leading people in a way to help motivate them in their personal life too.

Motivational Life Mentoring

Perhaps it is better to call these individuals motivational speakers rather than life mentors because they are trying to help people achieve goals on their own. They want to share their past experiences that have shaped them into better people.

Take for example someone like Lance Armstrong. He survived cancer and wants to let the world know that you do not have to let this disease beat you. It is possible to achieve great things even when life is attempting to wear you down. Another example is a youth pastor who wants to share his or her own life choices and experiences. He or she wants to be a good example for their group of kids.

The goal of coaching people is to motivate them. It is about being a good lifestyle coach so that you can lead by example. It would not do any good for a drug dealer to expound upon the evils of using drugs when he or she is pedaling narcotics. It takes living the life of a good person in order to show others how to live that same motivated lifestyle.

The simple trick to life mentoring someone else is to know what you are talking about. For example, coaching people to overcome their fear of heights when you are afraid of heights yourself is probably not a wise idea. Being a mentor is about having experience and knowing what you are talking about. Otherwise, the very people you are trying to help will see right through your facade. Many people have tried to fake life mentoring skills and lie their way into being a lifestyle coach, only to be caught or found out later by someone else.