Goal Setting

Effective Goal Setting Activities

Goal setting activities set the stage for success. Many folks have the belief that thinking about what they would like to accomplish constitutes the full extent of goal setting. However, while it is certainly an important part of setting goals, it is far from enough, especially if you want to actually realize your dreams.

Goal Setting Tips for Beginners

Any conversation about self-improvement is by no means complete without some mention about goal setting tips. If you listen to any of the popular self-improvement and motivational gurus, they will inevitably bring up the importance of setting goals.

How to Use Goal Setting Worksheets

Folks are often confused when it comes to goal setting. Some think that simply thinking up a goal is enough. However, an unwritten goal is nothing more than a wish and wishes rarely come true. Attempting to achieve a wish is unreliable at best and devastating at worst. Other folks think that writing down a goal is sufficient. While writing goals down is certainly a big step in the right direction, an even easier way to keep your goals organized is to use goal setting worksheets.

Setting Career Goals Early is the Key to Future Success

For many university students, setting career goals and objectives is the furthest thing from their minds. More often than not, the site of tonight’s party and the cash for tomorrow’s pizza govern their thoughts. Nevertheless, it is never too early for any university or college student to begin career goal setting. After all, the very essence of university is to prepare for a career.

SMART Goal Setting Techniques

Goal setting is an activity often overlooked, particularly around the New Year. Sure, folks make resolutions, but there is a very good reason why gym memberships skyrocket in January and tail off during the spring – New Year resolutions do not work! If there is something you really want to accomplish during the coming year, use SMART goal setting techniques instead.